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The Cardiovascular Research Center at Gentofte is highly specialised and strives to ensure optimal treatment, optimal education and training and optimal research in order to spear- head the development and improve- ment of the treatment of heart dis- ease.

Previous research from the unit has been instrumental in shaping some of the world’s most important ad- vances in the last 15 years within the treatment of conditions such as heart failure and coronary thrombosis.

The Department is able to translate the new knowledge gained from research into clinical practice. Con- sequently, the research flows into treatments and has an impact on clinical guidelines.

In addition to this ability to create synergies between recognised re- search and clinical practice, inno- vation is another area in which this environment of expertise excels and collaborates with business and industry both on a national and international scale. Active within development, the Department is ex- ceptional in its level of cooperation with business and industry in con- nection with new treatments.


The Cardiovascular Research Center is at Gentofte Hospital and has a staff of about 200 employees, of whom 42 work specifically within research. They treat over 7000 pa- tients per year, in addition to approx. 12 500 outpatients.

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Professor Christian Torp-Pedersen

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